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Recruitment in China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

Recruitment in China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

Recruitment of C-level executives, directors and future managers Since 2004 in China Mainlandand Asia, Since 2018 in more than 35 countries In each country, we specialize in the identification of bicultural executives

Acropolis Associates has a global operational capability since 2018 with a service coverage in 35 countries.
Thanks to its participation in the widespread « SHP » shareholding programs** and its membership of CEPIA « Commercial Exchange and Processes Integration Agreement »***, Acropolis Associates is an integral part of Future Manager Alliance with the role of Integrated Member. Acropolis Associates joins the group as Integrated member in charge of China Mainland and Hong Kong. Nicolas Milonas is the FMA Country Manager for China
FMA is a group made up of 35 companies which are its co-shareholders. FMA is not a network. Download FMA Brochure

We provide our respective clients with resources enabling them to set up locally and in less than 48 hours, human resources solutions in more than 35 countries:

  • Recruitment of C-level executives, directors and managers (Executive Search),
  • Recruitment of high potential talents (Next Manager Recruitment-Future Managers).

**The SHP Shareholding program regulates access to the purchase of FMA shares.
*** CEPIA regulates the relationships and establishes the rules of compliance between Acropolis Associates and FMA.

Management team


Suzy MA

Stephen FANG

The quality of service of a recruitment agency depends on the quality of its managers and the expertise of its consultants. This is why we show you who we are.

When we undertake a mission, the consultants in charge of identifying and evaluating candidates play a vital role. We do not have junior consultants or interns. All of our consultants have many years of experience in headhunting and have been part of our teams for many years. It seems to us that this is the most important point that a client should ensure when choosing a recruitment provider.

We only undertake a recruitment mission when we are absolutely certain of being able to provide a quality short list while strictly respecting a contractual deadline.

Some exciting, challenging& technical sectors in which we are more specialized

We know your industry; we know the difficulties and challenges to attract talent. We have the experience of identifying profiles of managers and directors, rare or with very specific business skills. This is part of our daily life.

Manufacturing, industrial, R & D

Automotive, aerospace, aviation, chemical, electronic devices, energy (oil &gas, solar, wind), food &beverage, IoT, plastics, robotics.

 Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical, biotechnologies, beauty &cosmetics, medical devices, medical equipment, diagnosis, DNA & genomics, precision medicine, eMedicine, CRO, animal health&feed, food security & traceability.

Deep Tech:

AI, advanced materials, biotech, block chain, digital, drones, photonics, electronics, quantum computing.

Are there any positions for which you have had difficulty recruiting for several weeks or even months?

Let’s talk about it and I’ll give you my opinion on the reasons for these difficulties and if we can get involved (or not). Our best way to gain the trust of a new client is to complete a difficult assignment.

Do you have future recruitment plans and want to validate the quality and feasibility of the job description for a specific country?

We are at your disposal, depending on the country where the candidate will be based.

Do you have differences with your local partner and are having difficulty filling sensitive or crucial positions in your Joint Venture?

We can advise you on the solutions we have implemented for our clients when it comes to recruiting the General Manager, CFO, Production Manager or R&D Manager.

I will be your initial contact. I am the founder of Acropolis in USA in 1999 and the founder of Acropolis in China in 2004: 22 years of recruitment experience, including 17 years in China and Asia.Send me an email at:

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