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Recruitment in China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

Recruitment of C-level executives, directors and future managers Since 2004 in China Mainlandand Asia, Since 2018 in more than 35 countries In each country, we specialize in the identification of bicultural executives

Acropolis completed its entry into the capital of the human resources group FMA (Future Manager Alliance) and joins the group’s board as shareholder / partner in charge ofChina Mainland and Hong Kong. FMA is a group made up of 35 companies which are its co-shareholders. FMA is not a network.

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China increases testing sovereign digital currency in a move away from dollar dependence.

China could be the first major country to issue a sovereign digital currency. After six years of preparatory work, the central bank has begun testing its digital currency in four cities in China (Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou and Xiong’ an, a city on the outskirts of Beijing). Some public servants have begun to receive part of their salaries and transportation allowances in this virtual currency. The aim is to provide a more secure means of payment than existing cash or electronic payments, while China converts to mobile payment. If the People's Bank of China officially announces the digital currency, then it would be the world's first Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). After the official announcement, China's digital currency is expected to reach one trillion Yuan ($140 Billion) and will be equivalent to approximately China's one-eight cash. China is the first major Read More