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Government Affairs in China

Acropolis Associates Government Affairs business unit support organizations within 5 areas of expertise:

  • We recruit for our clients Government Affairs and Regulatory Affairs executives with experience and network in various industries,
  • We can be retained on “Project base” or on “Subscription Plan” to support companies to fix Government related issue,
  • We support our clients to develop Business to Government,
  • We handle and create our clients’ communication,
  • We are partnering with Government projects to support foreign companies in acquiring advantages to set up their operations in areas we operate.
Mr. XI Yong leads Government Affairs Business Unit
Click here to know more about XI Yong, experienced government affairs Director and Press-TV-Media key person.

Government-related matter: we find solutions and deliver results
We advise trade and professional associations, non-governmental agencies, foreign governments, small and global companies, in the same ways as educational institutions such as schools and universities.

All our actions in China follow ethics rules, China Anti-Corruption laws & regulation, in accordance to recommendations from National Bureau of Corruption Prevention of China (NBCP). logo-nbcp1

We don’t accept all cases. We reserve the right to decide to consent handling or not a case.

We offer a tailored high-added value service to support companies to fix both Central and Local government related issue.
A successful government affairs effort requires a comprehensive approach, entailing mastery of substance, process, politics and messaging. Guided by public policy professionals who possess an intimate knowledge of this strategic approach as well as a thorough understanding of Legislative and Executive Branch processes and regulatory agency operations, we are able to navigate the intersection between politics and policy to develop and execute legal and governmental solutions to the complex issues facing our clients.

Government Affairs Communication
We offer a wide range of skills and services to support the communication needs of your organization:

  • Literature Production (conferences, events, print and web documentation, press, radio, TV)
  • Events, Conferences & Exhibitions Management, Public Relations
  • Strategic Planning, Media Planning, Multi-media Campaigns
  • TV, Radio & Video Production

Formulation of message(s)

  • Preparation of testimony, position papers, advocacy letters and regulatory briefs
  • Representation of clients and direct advocacy to members of senior regulatory officials and their staffs
  • Monitoring of legislative and regulatory activity
  • Coordination of demonstrations and other interactive events for key decision makers
  • Regulatory compliance

Areas of expertise
Our professionals serve clients in industries such as food & agriculture, environment & clean technology, retail, life sciences (Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Diagnostic, Veterinary), aerospace & defense, technology & manufacturing. With services in areas such as lobbying, government procurement, energy and infrastructure, international trade, transportation and immigration, we provide the perfect mix of services for international companies looking to enter and develop in China market.