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For job-seekers (not looking for a job in OUR Company), for self-applications in order to be in our talents database, please apply as indicated below :

Acropolis Associates is a Retained Executive Search Agency, We do not post Search assignments on our website, and we do not advertise on job boards or online media. Retained Search assignments include positions that are confidential and critical to our clients’ success that must be filled in a timely manner with the « right person ». We approach directly targeted candidates (i.e. head-hunting).

We need to know about you … but … we receive every day hundred of applications.
For better efficiency, to be perfectly registered in our talents database, to help us understand your expectations, please contact us as indicated below.

Applications that don’t follow these 4 rules are deleted.

1) Only 1 document with your resume in English
2) Your document must be entitled “familyname-givenname-cv.doc”
3) NO application letter
4) After the last page of your resume (better in word format) you must insert following information inside your document:

  • GEOGRAPHICAL preferences: list your favorite cities by order of preference
  • Favorite INDUSTRIES: list maximum 2 industries which ones you gained most of your professional experience.
  • Target COMPANIES: list maximum 5 companies you would be interested in.
  • Target POSITIONS / TITLES: list maximum 3 you are interested in according to your current tracking records and experience.
  • Your current annual package in details (basic, bonus, allowances) if you feel comfortable to share this information with us.

Applications that don’t follow these simple rules are deleted.

Send your resume to:

Acropolis is permanently looking for the best talents who fit the following profiles:

  • Recruitment Consultant (2 to 20 years experience in executive search)
  • Business Developer (at least 3 years experience in executive search).
  • Researcher (at least 1 years experience in executive search).

Please underline in which industry or operation you have got more expertise.

If you are experienced, successful, yet held back or frustrated by bureaucracy and red tape, boxed in and can’t see a way ahead, then contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can add value to one another.

Executive Search is a very rewarding and engaging career and testament to this is the length of service of many of our current team and their continuing level of passion and enjoyment in assisting clients and candidates.

For a confidential conversation, send us your updated resume via email to