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China increases testing sovereign digital currency in a move away from dollar dependence.

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China could be the first major country to issue a sovereign digital currency. After six years of preparatory work, the central bank has begun testing its digital currency in four cities in China (Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou and Xiong’ an, a city on the outskirts of Beijing). Some public servants have begun to receive part of their salaries and transportation allowances in this virtual currency. The aim is to provide a Read More

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IPEM 2017 / PrivateEquityMarket Place / Cannes, 25-26-27 February 2017. The first and biggest international marketplace that is entirely dedicated to Private Equity, to stepping up dialogue and business between all Private Equity players and their stakeholders. With more than 10,000 GPs in the world and more than 365 G$ of capital raised in 2013, one can say that Private Equity is now a real industry. Acropolis is partner. Ask us Read More