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The Bridge to Africa for Chinese companies
We have the experience building successful relations with Africa, we have the network and the expertise working with Chinese enterprises.


Great Wall InvestmentAcropolis offers a bridge to Chinese companies willing to invest and develop business with Europe and Africa. Acropolis brings opportunities to connect directly thanks to its very exclusive international network in Europe, Africa, Arabian Gulf and Americas. Great Wall investment is the exclusive tool for Chinese companies willing to get infrastructure and mining business in Africa.

Business with Governments in Africa

We help Chinese and European enterprises to develop effective business in Africa, for any project related to a Government approval or bid. We have the ability, the knowledge and the network to support organizations doing business in Africa in a fast and efficient way.


Railways, roads, expressway, bridges, ports, airports, hospitals, theaters, stadiums, telecoms, hydroelectric dams, electrical power, social housing, standing housing,


To get license for large farming or agriculture projects or to buy land for agriculture projects,

Mining & minerals

To get license for ore, copper, coltan, uranium and gold mining,

Oil& Gas

To source and negotiate crude oil for trading or to get permit to create a refinery in Africa,

Chinese heavy machinery & Chinese equipment

To sale to African governments through direct sales or international bids.


The bridge between China, Africa and Middle East.

CHINA AFRICA MIDDLE EAST Business Club provides to entrepreneurs the network to facilitate and develop their business, with direct access to other entrepreneurs, decision makers and officials.
To get information about Club’ activity, the events and memberships, send an email to