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Executive Search

  • Acropolis Associates is an Executive Search consultancy that assists multinational organizations, medium sized enterprises as well as smaller niche companies to attract and retain outstanding C-Level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO …), senior managers and directors.
  • In addition to this core business, we provide recruitment services, supporting organizations to recruit Technical Managers and Experts.
  • We focus on positions based in China Mainland and Asia, or any China-Asia related positions based at our clients’ headquarter in Europe or North America.

Acropolis Associates 8 strategic advantages:

1 – Proven rigorous & systematic Process: digging “deep” and introducing most suitable candidates, not the “easy to find” ones
2 – Team expertise to implement “Direct approach” process (real head hunting): we are not middlemen downloading CV from websites or databases
3 – China & Asia specialized knowledge
4 – Commitment to implement same process when searching Middle Managers than hunting very senior roles: we don’t invest our time and energy proportionately to the potential fee amount
5 – Short list date delivery is contractual which client precisely knows when contracting with us
6 – We firmly rank in the Top 10 list among Retained Executive Search firms in China (criteria: management positions + 100% by direct approach + Asian focus)
7 – We believe that our consultants’ commitment to customers is unmatched in our industry in our region (China and Asia)
8 – Our fee is, as far as possible, adapted to the hiring budgets of our clients: we don’t compete to be the less expensive one but we ardently fight to deliver the most valuable service.
Competition is fierce in Asia; our clients want results. It is how we retain them.

What makes us different?

The best indication of “future” success is “past” success. The numbers speak for themselves (2019 data):

  • 83% Client Repeat Business & Referrals
  • 96% of Candidates accept offer
  • 97% Placement retention of 3 years and more
  • 97% Placement Success rate
  • 99% of Short lists delivered according to the contractual short list delivery date (indicated in our contract).

Are we able or not?

Before sending any proposal or before signing any contract, the very first step for us is to evaluate if we are totally sure to be able to find the right candidate and effectively fulfill a position. We don’t chase contracts and fee: we accept to handle assignments only if we can guarantee to deliver.

We are not Harry Potter

We are not magicians; we are not able to create candidates if they don’t exist according to client expected profile. If client’s expectations are unrealistic, it is our duty to advise and to help define the right relevant profile.

One of our clients compared us to Sherlock Holmes!

Our methods are very similar to those used by investigators; we have the ability to identify most of existing candidates corresponding to a profile in a specific area.

Different kind of contracts

  • Retained executive search (Acropolis Associates’ team)
  • Non-retained recruitment (ARA – Active Recruitment Asia’ team)
  • Outplacement, hunting a new challenge for some special candidates (Outplacement dedicated team)

Duration of search, 3 scopes

To identify, contact, meet face to face, evaluate and compare candidates, we implement 3 types of hunt:

  • 4 weeks / Nationwide: searching candidate only in 1 targeted country: i.e. China or France or Malaysia
  • 6 weeks / Regional: hunting in Asia or Europe or North America
  • 8 weeks / Worldwide: Asia + Europe + North America

We focus on what we do best …

To meet our client needs precisely, our consultants work in global practices defined by industries and organizational functions in which they have significant experience. We stay on the leading edge of what matters most in your world, and maintain close personal connections with the best talent in your field.

Some of our favorite industry Practices

  • Manufacturing, Industrial

    Our Manufacturing & Industrial team covers several industries including Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Plastic, Chemical, Electronic devices, Fashion, Garments, Textile, Food.

  • Life Sciences

    Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biosciences, Diagnosis, Veterinary & Animal Health (animal food & animal nutrition), Medical Equipments, Medical Devices, Medical iImaging, Cosmetics, Infant nutrition, Human Food Security & Traceability).

  • Retail
  • FMCG, Food & beverage, Retail, Luxury, Cosmetics, Agriculture
  • On-line / Above the line communication, Digital marketing, SEM / SEO, Media, Design, Advertising, Art
  • IT & Telecom
  • BtoB* Services, BtoC** Services, BtoG*** Services, Consulting
    *BtoB Business to Business **BtoC Business to Consumer ***BtoG Business to Government

Local expertise with worldwide facilities in 35+ countries:

Acropolis Associates is integrated member of FMA (Future Manager Alliance). Acropolis Associates is FMA China, FMA Group’ Exclusive agency in charge of China Mainland and Hong Kong. All of the partners in 35+ countries follow the same business model. In 24 hours we are able to set up a dedicated team in virtually any part of the world.

FMA Worldwide presence:
Argentina, Brazil, Chad, Chile, China & Hong Kong, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay and USA.