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Fund Raising VC/PE

Fund raising, financing solutions, VC, PE, Buyout, M&A, JV

Acropolis main partners & alliances

acropolis-capitalAcropolis Capital (China)

Acropolis Capital added value consists in its ability to identify strategic, financial, industrial & business partners, to connect together entrepreneurs and to provide them opportunities to develop their business and invest through our network.

Acropolis Capital focuses on financing solutions, fund raising, buyout, VC, PE, M&A, JV. Acropolis Capital is mostly involved in Technologies like Biotech, FinTech, TMT, Environment, Smart Cities, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining. Acropolis Capital brings European Tech Companies in China and Asia.

Acropolis goal is being the bridge between Europe, China, Africa and Arabian Gulf. Acropolis network includes solid partnerships; some of them exist for more than 25 years.

Our aim is to facilitate co-investment between China-Europe-Africa-Dubai-Qatar-Iran: in co-investment, everybody will benefit from others’ expertise, on each one zone of knowledge.

Acropolis main partners & alliances

financeFinance Innovation
Paris financial service cluster / FinTech
Finance Innovation is a global business and research cluster dedicated to financial services, a wide scope initiative of the Paris financial marketplace, banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, consulting firms, service providers to financial institutions, universities, and research centers.
IPEMIPEM 2016 / Private Equity Market Place
The first and biggest international marketplace that is entirely dedicated to Private Equity, to stepping up dialogue and business between all Private Equity players and their stakeholders. With more than 10,000 GPs in the world and more than 365 G$ of capital raised in 2013, one can say that Private Equity is now a real industry.
IPEM 2017: we are now working on 2017. It will be at Cannes, 25, 26 and 27 January 2017.

Technology clusters network including important research labs and industrial groups in Europe.

This cooperative method enables a very strong project dynamic around 6 themes:

  • Automotive& Transport
  • Free & Open Source Software
  • Digital Trust & Security
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Systems Design & Development Tools
  • Telecoms


Axelera is French Competitiveness cluster initiated by French Government and by 3 groups (Arkema, Rhodia member of Solvay Group and GDF-Suez), by a world-class public sector (IPF Energies Nouvelles) and training center and a government-funded research organization (CNRS). AXELERA is supported by institutional organizations such as the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment and the local and regional collectivities.

  • 240 members, of which 2/3 enterprises, over 50% of which are SMEs,
  • 164 certified R&D programs, with global financing of €500 million,
  • 7 infrastructure equipment and facilities projects, representing a global budget of €150M,
  • 3 collaborative innovation platform projects,
  • Chemical & Environment focus,
  • 400 people working on R&D programs.