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Fund Raising VC/PE

Fund raising, financing solutions, VC, PE, Buyout, M&A, JV

Acropolis main partners & alliances

acropolis-capitalAcropolis Capital (China)

Acropolis Capital added value consists in its ability to identify strategic, financial, industrial & business partners, to connect together entrepreneurs and to provide them opportunities to develop their business and invest through our network.

Acropolis Capital focuses on financing solutions, fund raising, buyout, VC, PE, M&A, JV. Acropolis Capital is mostly involved in Technologies like Biotech, FinTech, TMT, Environment, Smart Cities, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining. Acropolis Capital brings European Tech Companies in China and Asia.

Acropolis goal is being the bridge between Europe, China, Africa and Arabian Gulf. Acropolis network includes solid partnerships; some of them exist for more than 25 years.

Our aim is to facilitate co-investment between China-Europe-Africa-Middle East: in co-investment, everybody will benefit from others’ expertise, on each one zone of knowledge.

Mergers & Acquisitions / Partners Identification

  • Invest and develop business in Europe and Africa: services to Chinese organizations (France, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg)
  • Invest in China: services to Western organizations.
Mrs. Annick de Kermadec-Bentzmann leads China-Europe M&A Business Unit

Click here to know more about Mrs. Annick de Kermadec-Bentzmann.


To help a company in a merging and/or the acquisition process, we help identify and approach potential business partners, through the implementation of effective « hunting » techniques.

Year after year, Acropolis built a strong international network at senior level of organizations. It has acquired important strategic industry data and information.

Your future partner profile

  • A company to buy, to merge with or to collaborate with in production or sales network or R&D
  • A potential buyer for your brand, your company or your group
  • An investment fund (Private Equity or Venture Capital).