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We focus on what we do best …
To meet our client needs with precision, our consultants work in global practices defined by industries and organizational functions in which they have significant experience. We stay on the leading edge of what matters most in your world, and maintain close personal connections with the best talent in your field.

The very first step for us is to evaluate if we are totally sure we will be able to find the right candidate and effectively fulfill a position. We don’t chase contracts and fee: we accept to handle assignments only if we can guarantee to deliver. The precise date when a short list of relevant candidates will be provided by our team is contractual deadline. When signing contract with Acropolis Associates, client will know, before to start the search, the date he will receive our short list.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Retail Sales

Retail Marketing

FMCG, Food & beverage, Retail, Luxury, Cosmetics, Agriculture


PR & Communication / Corporate Communication


BtoB Services, Consulting

IT & Telecom