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Acropolis Associates get involved in Life Sciences recruitment for 15 years, and its founders were in this industry prior to establish Acropolis.
Life Sciences practice is our main one in terms of quantity of assignments in China and Asia.

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biosciences, Diagnosis, Veterinary & Animal Health (animal food & animal nutrition), Medical Equipments, Medical Devices, Medical iImaging, Cosmetics, Infant nutrition, Human Food Security & Traceability). Our Life Sciences Division specializes in recruiting or placing professionals in the Healthcare, Biosciences, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries.

Positions we successfully fulfilled in Life sciences in China

Regulatory Affairs Manager | Government Affairs Manager | MAB monoclonal antibody Business Unit Director | Business Unit Manager anti-oncology drugs | Senior and Junior Product Managers | Medical Coordinator | Asia Sales Manager | Asia Product Manager | Key Account Manager | Distributors Relation Manager | Business Unit Director Imaging Medical Devices | Business Unit Director Diagnostic | Sales Manager Direct Sales | Sales Manager in charge of distributors | Medical Affairs Manager in charge of KOL | General Manager Sales | Coordination Manager for Technology Transfer Europe to China | SAP Manager | R&D Manager | South-East Asia Sales Manager | Asia Swine Marketing Manager | Head of Asia Healthcare R&D department | Senior Scientist Asia Healthcare R&D | Senior Scientist Nutritionist Swine | Nutritionist Poultry | QA Manager | QC Manager | Engineering Manager | Maintenance Manager | Production Manager | General Manager | Country Manager China-Pharma | General Manager China-Medical Equipments | Finance, HR & Administration Managers.

The roles we recruit for:

  • VP Manufacturing / Plant General Manager
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Sales
  • R&D
  • Regulatory Affairs Director, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Regulatory Affairs Junior Specialist
  • Government and Public Affairs Director, Manager
  • Product Director
  • Product Manager, bacteriology, anti-oncology, vaccine, junior & senior levels
  • Clinical Affairs Manager, Pre-Clinical Manager, Clinical Affairs Staff
  • KOL Relation Manager
  • Quality Assurance Director, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Sales Director, Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director, Marketing Manager