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Mergers & Acquisitions / Partners identification & introduction

In China

In Europe

In France

In Greece

In Canada (Quebec)

Invest in Europe and Canada (Quebec), services to Chinese organizations

Invest in China, services to Western organizations

Mrs. Annick de Kermadec-Bentzmann leads China-Europe M&A Business Unit

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To help a company in a merging and/or the acquisition process, we help identify and approach potential business partners, through the implementation of effective « hunting » techniques.

Year after year, Acropolis built a strong international network at senior level of organizations. It has acquired important strategic industry data and information.

We focus on identification of precisely targeted potential partners, in China mainland, in Europe (especially France and Greece) and Canada (Quebec).

We are using investigation techniques and networks very close to those we are used to in executive search (we are hunting organizations instead of hunting candidates).

Your future partner profile

  • A company to buy, to merge with or to collaborate with in production or sales network or R&D
  • A potential buyer for your brand, your company or your group
  • An investment fund (Private Equity or Venture Capital).