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Suzy MA

Suzy MA

VP in charge of Education

VP in charge of Administration, Legal

Human Resources and Finance

Founder of Acropolis China

Founder & Managing Director of Galerie Europ’ Art China in 2011 (funded & sponsorized by Acropolis Associates Group)

Based in China

gui1Suzy has a solid experience in Human Resources and Education. During 11 years in France, she managed a company doing international trading between Europe and China. Then in China, she was actively involved in the establishment of the Management School of Lyon (EM Lyon). For 7 years, she was responsible for the Promotion, the Recruitment and the Alumni club in China (EM Lyon China Club). Suzy is managing Acropolis Education activity in China.

Since 2006, Suzy is the China Representative of IAE Grenoble (Grenoble University). Suzy obtained a French MA of Science of Education, as well as an MBA “France in Shanghai”. Suzy likes traveling in Europe and Asia, enjoys all foods of the world and is found of fashion.gui2