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Recruitment of C-level executives, directors & Managers in 35 countries

Entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs
Recruitment of C-level executives, directors and future managers
Since 2004 in China Mainland and Asia, Since 2018 in more than 35 countries
In each country, we specialize in the identification of bicultural executives


Acropolis joined the human resources group FMA (Future Manager Alliance) as partner in charge of China Mainland and Hong Kong. FMA is not a network but a group made up of companies based all around the world, in 35 countries.

We provide our respective clients with resources enabling them to set up locally and in less than 48 hours, human resources solutions in more than 35 countries:

  • Recruitment of C-level executives, directors and managers (Executive Search),
  • Recruitment of high potential talents (Next Manager Recruitment-Future Managers).


Recruitment in China, Hong Kong, Japan & South Korea


Suzy MA

Stephen FANG


Rahmee BAIK

Recruitment in Europe

Stéphane GLASER

Salvatore CORRADI

Markus LORCH

Angélique FOURNIER


Recruitment in USA, Mexico, Brazil & Argentina

Justine CEBE


Marco Antonio BOUHID


Some exciting, challenging & technical sectors in which we are more specialized

Manufacturing, industrial, R & D

Automotive, aviation, chemical, electronic devices, energy (oil & gas, solar, wind), food & beverage, IoT, plastics, robotics

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical, biotechnologies, beauty & cosmetics, medical devices, medical equipment, diagnosis, DNA & genomics, precision medicine, eMedicine, CRO, animal health & feed, food security & traceability

Deep Tech:

AI, advanced materials, biotech, block chain, digital, drones, photonics, electronics, quantum computing.


Nicolas MILONAS +( 86) 21 5238 1228

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