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Technical background recruitment

In addition to Executive Search (our core activity) we acquired a large experience recruiting technical profiles, from VP Sales with Engineer Background, General Manager in charge of Manufacturing to Middle Management positions.
Case by case, according to our clients requirement and our evaluation of each potential assignment, we may decide to work on a retainer contract or on a non-retainer mode:

Non-retainer mode (success fee contract / “contingency” contract)

Retainer and non-retainer mode obey to 2 different processes, different timing, different results. In our group, such assignments are conducted by Active Recruitment Asia’ team (ARA). Case by case, we reserve the right to refuse to handle a case in this mode if we are convinced such mode can’t succeed.


Retainer contract

Exclusive contract during the search duration + fair Retainer fee paid when beginning the search. Such assignments are managed by Acropolis Associates Executive Search’ retainer team.

Retainer contract or Success fee contract

These 2 kinds of contracts have their pros and their cons, their benefits and their disadvantages. To know more about the different processes, terms, benefits and disadvantages of each, please click here.

Some of our favorite industry Practices in need of technical backgrounds

  • Manufacturing, Industrial
    Our Manufacturing & Industrial team covers several industries including Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Plastic, Chemical, Electronic devices, Fashion, Garments, Textile, Food.
  • Life Sciences
    Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biosciences, Diagnosis, Veterinary & Animal Health (animal food & animal nutrition), Medical Equipments, Medical Devices, Medical iImaging, Cosmetics, Infant nutrition, Human Food Security & Traceability).
  • Retail
  • FMCG, Food & beverage, Retail, Luxury, Cosmetics, Agriculture
  • On-line / Above the line communication, Digital marketing, SEM / SEO, Media, Design, Advertising, Art
  • IT & Telecom
  • BtoB* Services, BtoC** Services, BtoG*** Services, Consulting *BtoB Business to Business **BtoC Business to Consumer ***BtoG Business to Government